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雅思口语高分素材 让你考试有备而来

环球雅思 2016-08-25 08:25

  Passage 1

  Mayor Gherkin was seated toward the rear of the building, wedged behind two tables that had been pushed together. On either side were two people Jeremy recognized as a member of the town council; one was an emaciated lawyer, the other a portly physician. At the corner of the table was Jed, who sat with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.

  看下这个emaciated ,在英文里是 “ 瘦弱的, 憔悴的” 的意思. 为adj (形容词). 大家知道在雅思口语中part 2 人物篇 people 里有如下话题:

  Describe an old person.

  Describe a good parent.

  Describe a leader you admire.

  在雅思口语中我们很多考生说一个people 的外貌,说瘦 往往用 “thin “. 这样就违背了2016年口语官方评分标准 用high level的要求了。 Thin 是5分的水平level Emaciated 是7+的水平。且看如下example:

  My father who is in his late 50s has been working as an architect in my hometown, Harbin. In terms of his personality, I would say that he is an emaciated person with deep wrinkles on his face.

  Passage 2

  It was standing room only; People were crammed around tables with bingo cards spread out before them, frantically stamping the appropriate boxes as Gherkin spoke into the microphone. A cloud of cigarette smoke hung like fog, despite the whirring fans above. Most of the people were clad in overalls, plaid shirt, and NASCAR ball caps and it seemed to Jeremy that they’d pulled their outfits from the same bin at the local five-and-dime.

  Five –and-dime 本身的意思是”一家五分一角”. 在这里有一个文化背景(culture background), F.W. 伍尔沃斯 ( 1852—1919), 做过杂货店店员, 从一家五分一角(Five and Dime)零售商店白手起家, 开创了固定价格零售以及自助服务. 最终他成了billionaire. 而在现代英文里为” 廉价品商店;便宜商店”。所以了在2016年9月份变题库后,如果考到了如下part 2 地点 place 话题:

  Describe a shop you like.

  Describe a small company you want to own in the future.

  Describe a place you love best ( your favorite place).

  是不是可以说你想拥有的一个small company 就是一个shop啊. 且看如下example:

  Well, the small company I’m gonna talk about is a Five-and-Dime Store, located in the heart of Beijing. It normally opens around the clock (24小时营业的).

  Passage 3

  When Doris released her, she looked from Lexie to Jeremy and back again. From the corner of his eye, Jeremy noticed the crowed doing the same thing, as if they were part of the reunion as well. Which, considering their proximity, they probably were.

  “Well, I’ll be,” Doris pronounced. Born and bred in the South, she sounded as if she were pronouncing the letters L-I-B. “ I didn’t expect you home until a little later.”

  Born and bred 在这里是”土生土长”的意思. 在历年的雅思口语考试中, 我们part 1 都有一个基本上必问的 question .

  Examiner : where are you from ?大部分6分考生都Candidate:

  Well, I’m local … 不拉不拉. 倘若用这么一个极其地道的born and bred, 你的词汇分手一定是7+啦。


  Actually, I was born and bred, BJ which is considered one of the multicultural cities around the world. The cuisine here is beyond words (好吃).

  Passage 4

  “ It looks like dem cubic zirconiums from the Home Shopping Network, “ a woman offered.

  For the first time, Lexie and Doris seemed to realize they were the center of attention.

  “Okay, okay…show’s over, folks,” Doris said. Let me talk to my granddaughter alone. We’ve got some catching up to do. Give us a little room.

  当然了catch up 字表意思为追赶的意思, 另外还有” 叙旧”的意思. 在雅思口语part 2 事件event 里就有如下话题:

  Describe an important conversation you had with sb.

  Describe a time you communicated with a foreigner. 看例子:

  We’ve seen each other for ages(很久了), so the moment we saw each other at the international airport, the first thing I did was to give a big hug to her, then we immediately headed for(奔向,驶向) the airport café to have a catch up(叙旧)。

  Passage 5

  Rodney, a local deputy sheriff with a penchant for weightlifting, had pined for Lexie since they were kids and hadn’t been all that happy when Lexie and Jeremy became an item Had it not been for the fact that he started dating Rachel soon afterwards Jeremy was pretty sure Rodney would have preferred that Jeremy stay in New York City.

  Penchant 是名词,意为” 嗜好、倾向”的意思. 当我们表示 爱好的时候,5分的中国雅思口语考生必用hobby 等之类boring的phrase。在雅思口语中part2 人物篇 people :

  Describe one of your best friends.

  Describe a person you want to spend time with.

  Describe a person who moved with you to live.

  当然了我们都可以说你的朋友friend , 当谈到一个人的hobby的时候, 不放用下这个7+vocabulary 啦.


  Well, speaking of my friend Aaron, he’s been served as an IELTS teacher with a penchant for clubbing. Plus, he is madly in love with (疯狂的爱上,迷恋)travelling , so I always call him “ holidaymaker爱度假的人”.

  Passage 6

  Jeremy cleared his throat. “ We haven’t ever discussed the wedding yet, but actually, we were thinking about something more low-key.”

  “low-key? Nonsense. It’s not every day that one of our town’s most prominent citizens married a genuine celebrity, you know”.

  “I’m a journalist, not a celebrity. I thought we’d been over this—“.

  Low-key 为低调的意思,另外还有一个同义词 low-profile. 人么, 难免会有谦逊的personality, 往往都是著名的人 , 当我们在雅思口语中说a famous person 的时候, 若是用 prominent 卓越的,杰出的, 你的口语分手必与众不同。 看下如下话题topics:

  Describe a famous person ( celebrity )

  Describe a singer or musician you like.

  Describe a person you admire.


  Eg:  Wang Bao qiang , ever since he became a household name (家喻户晓的名字)in China, has been keeping a low-key lifestyle.(保持低调的生活方式) That’s why he enjoys a large following(某人有众多粉丝) on Microblog.


  错误一 时态

  中国的考生们,可谓是语法功底确实不错, 可是在雅思speaking 考试的时候,往往把过去式past tense 同一般现在时 simple present tense 弄混。例如:

  Eg: The reason why I choose to buy the book is that I am pretty interested its beautiful words and fantastic plot at that time.

  显而易见这里的choose 要改为 chose . 若这样的低级语法错误grammar errors 出现在雅思口语考试中, 你的Grammar 分数一定5分的命了。

  错误二 there be 句型与have/has 的错误运用

  这个呢,再次强调 there be 句型只能是 sth. 有 而 has/have 大部分是sb. 有,而有相当一部分中国考生往往是 there have/has … 这个啊不对的,比如经常听到学生说:

  Okay, there has a car in the compound. 一定要改成Okay, there is a car in the compound.

  给大家总结下there be 句型

  There used to be…

  There would be…

  There could be…

  There will be…

  There might be…

  There may be…




在雅思阅读考试中,选择题成了纠结指数最高的题型。我们可以把选择题的选项按照判断题的TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN的标准来...





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