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成都朗阁教育 2016-03-17 16:54

  资深备考雅思同学肯定知道,雅思口语Part 1最开始发问的三个高频话题,就是work or study,hometown和accommodation。在考试的最开始,给考官留下一个好印象有多么重要,我们就不必强调了吧!复习雅思这么久也肯定听过一个叫做OG的东西,它就是我们平时说的官方指南(The Official Cambridge Guide of IELTS),就跟考试大纲一样,跟大家明确一下考试方向。在OG里,有这样几道口语题目是有关高频话题的,给大家抛砖引玉一下,各位烤鸭们一定要好好准备:

  Which subject did you find most difficult at school? And why?

  Definitely math. I was allergic to math. I guess I just don’t have it in me to study it, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get satisfying grades. So math was, without any doubt, a nightmare in my secondary school, and all the way up to college.


  Be allergic to除了表示“对…过敏”之外,还可以表示对某物极其的厌恶。

  Don't have it in me to do something表示没有能力做某事。

  Do you ever need that subject now?

  Well, fortunately, no. Math is out of my life for good. I mean, I do the simple addition, subtraction and stuff, but I can finally get rid of calculus, functions and things like that. My job has nothing to do with math. Actually, everything I learned in math class has found their way back to my teacher, which makes me wonder why I learned that in the first place. And I strongly believe that’s the problem about Chinese education system.


  For good此处等于permanently。

  Everything I learned in math class has found their way back to my teacher.此处就是我们常说的那句“毕生所学都还给老师了”……

  Is your hometown a good place to live?

  Well, yeah, my hometown is definitely a good place to live in. Many youngsters might think otherwise, though. After all, it’s a small city in the northeast of China, and it might not be able to provide many job opportunities like those metropolitan cities, for example Beijing and Shanghai. But from my perspective, my hometown is a perfect place for citizens. For starters, we don’t have to worry about the air pollution, speaking of which I feel sorry for those people living in Beijing who have to wear a mask in the smog. And our traffic is OK, I mean, we don’t have to suffer from the terrible traffic jam although we don’t have subways or streetcars. The layout of our bus routes is pretty reasonable so it’s very convenient to get around. And we have beautiful sceneries in the countryside, which is only 40 minutes’ ride away. On weekends if the weather’s nice, a couple of friends or family members can get together and have a picnic by the lake, it’s pretty relaxing.



  Would you say your town/city is a good place for young people to live?

  Well, yes and no. I mean, that kind of depends on what kind of person you are. If you prefer a laid-back lifestyle, like me, and you don’t like the fierce competition, horrible traffic and the skyrocketing housing price, then yes, my hometown is a perfect place to live. However, if you are an ambitious person with a big dream who wants more job opportunities and wants to achieve greater success, then no, you should go to build your career in those metropolitan cities.




  大家平时可以多积累一些口语化地道表达来应对Part 1的题目,毕竟该部分的主旋律是聊天,不要跟考官特拽,也不用特意的高大上聊人生聊理想,放松心态,给考官一个棒棒的第一印象!

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